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If you’re a job seeker just getting your feet wet and you’re looking to snag some free career resources, you’re in the right place. You’ll find a variety of downloads to help you make the next big step in your job search, including templates, cheat sheets, workbooks and guides. Dive right in!

Resume Template and Example

Download your free resume template and example now to land more interviews and better job offers!

25 Powerful ChatGPT Prompts For Job Seekers

Supercharge your job search with smart AI tools! Download your FREE ChatGPT cheat sheet now to get hired faster.

The Ultimate Job Search Planner and Workbook

Get instant access to a 12-page job search planner with practical tips for organizing your job hunt, reflecting on your career goals, building your resume and interviewing successfully!

Essential Networking Templates for Job Seekers

Tap into the hidden job market with your blueprint to connect, impress, and land unlisted jobs with confidence.

Create Your Powerful 30-Second Elevator Pitch

Finally build a knockout pitch that gives you more confidence to talk about your expertise, your background and what it is you really do.

The Perfect Letter of Resignation

Quit your job on good terms and without burning any bridges! Download your FREE Perfect Letter of Resignation now to resign professionally and gracefully.

Job Interview Follow Up Template

Had the most amazing interview for a job you can’t wait to start? Grab your interview follow up template TODAY! Secure the job offer you deserve with a stand out follow-up message!

The Career Catalyst Podcast

with Heather Austin

This is a dynamic podcast for ambitious professionals who are ready to unfold the layers of the job market and land a life-changing job offer.  You'll gain the insights, strategies, and inspiration you need to navigate the job market confidently and secure the career of your dreams.