My YouTube channel hit 100,000 subscribers! Boy has it been a journey! I started my channel three years ago and week after week, I’ve uploaded career “how-to” videos dedicated to professionals wanting to grow their personal brand and land their dream job.

If you don’t know my story… I’m a university professor turned entrepreneur. Before I started my channel, I was working in a job I loved. I was teaching university students how to build their personal brand so they could grow in a career they loved. But things took a turn for the worse. My classroom sizes started shrinking, programs I was teaching for were being discontinued and my bosses were resigning. I could see the red flags, I knew my position was about to be eliminated.

So what did I do… I started my YouTube channel teaching professionals like you how to do things like building a great resume, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and landing better job offers through amazing interview techniques.

Tune into this video to learn the 3 simple steps I took to grow my YouTube channel to over 100,000 subscribers. Here’s a hint… The steps I mention in the video just might apply to job seekers and professionals wanting to land their dream job.

Thank you to my amazing community for joining me on this journey and to the hundreds of thousands of job seekers and professionals who tune in every week to my videos and live training.


The 5-Part Formula To Make Your Resume A Success

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