If you’re in the thick of your job search, you’re probably at that point where you need some type of cover letter to secure an interview. And chances are you feel totally lost when creating one.

Here’s the thing, it’s important to look at your cover letter as a mini sales presentation. It’s just another tool, other than your resume, to show off your awesomeness.

In this video, you’ll learn 6 MAJOR cover letter mistakes you need to avoid and how you can create a knockout cover letter to help you land more interviews and better job offers. Remember, at the end of the day your cover needs these three things:

1. It needs to show your passion.

2. It needs to create a connection between you and your reader.

3. It needs to tell a story that ignites some type of emotion in your reader.

Watch this video to learn:

• 6 major cover letter mistakes to avoid

• Cover letter tips for 2021

• How to write a compelling cover letter

• What not to do in your cover letter


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