For so many job seekers, the most anxious part about job searching is waiting for a recruiter or hiring manager to get back to you after an interview.

You might even be wondering if they’ll ever get back to you! It can be tough to know whether you should email them, call them, or if it will just come off as annoying and count against you.

If you’ve recently interviewed for a job you thought was the perfect fit, and it’s been days or weeks since you’ve heard anything back and you’re wondering what to do while you wait, tune in.

In this video, you’ll learn 5 steps you can take right now to make the wait more bearable and to get your recruiter or hiring official to take the next step and finally call you back.

Watch this video to learn:

• How to handle a delay in the interview process.

• What to do if you haven’t heard back after your job interview.

• How to follow up after a job interview after no response.


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