Video interviews are becoming the standard for almost every industry. More and more employers are using them not only because they’re cost-effective but also because they’re faster than in-person interviews and they promote safe social distancing.

If you have a video interview coming up, you might be wondering what you should expect or how you should prepare for one. You might even be wondering how to maintain proper eye contact, how to ensure good lighting and how to make sure your audio comes through clearly.

Whether you’re on your first, second, or hundredth video interview, I’m sharing 7 easy steps to nailing your next video interview using Zoom, Skype or Facetime. I’m even sharing what you can do if you run into technical difficulties during your next video interview.

Watch this video to learn:

• How to ace a Zoom interview in 2021.

• Video interview tips for jobseekers.

• How to prepare for a video interview for a job.


Your step-by-step guide to answering the most popular interview questions!

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