There’s nothing worse than being asked in an interview about why you were fired, terminated, or laid off from your previous position. No one wants to talk about why they lost their job. Believe it or not, it is possible to navigate this question and still come out on top.

If you were fired or laid off from your last job, and you don’t know how to explain it to your future employer so it doesn’t negatively impact your chances of landing a new job, this video is for you.

You’ll learn a better way to explain a termination in a job interview. I’m sharing 5 easy steps to help you gracefully and professionally explain why you lost your last job. And stick around until the end for a sample response you can use and tailor for your next job interview.

Watch this video to learn:

• How to explain why you lost your job in an interview.

• How to tell an employer you were fired.

• A better way to explain a termination in a job interview


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