What you’ll find in this course:


Stop the guesswork! Build a powerful LinkedIn profile that shows your real value and helps you stand out from the competition.


Learn how to connect and network with the right type of people in your field. Eliminate the frustration of lousy connection requests.


Now is the time to properly promote your skills, talents, and abilities on LinkedIn. Finally a system to help you build a winning profile.
This is NOT your typical LinkedIn course and not just because it’s totally FREE.

This course is fresh, innovative, and up-to-the minute. The easy-to-follow action items will get your profile noticed.

In this FREE 5-day mini course you’ll discover:

What makes LinkedIn so powerful and how it can be used to skyrocket your career from tragedy to triumph.
How to build your own network of business professionals and make the right type of connections.
How to strategically construct the perfect profile even if you have employment gaps or are transitioning careers.

How to properly promote your skills, talents, and abilities without sounding desperate or cheesy.

Don’t let an unfinished or lousy LinkedIn profile hold you back.

You have top-notch career opportunities to nail down.

Get ready to learn…

What an “all-star” LinkedIn profile can do for you.
The do’s and don’ts of a great LinkedIn profile picture.
How to customize your LinkedIn URL and why this is so important.
The common mistakes to avoid when creating your LinkedIn headline.
How to craft a LinkedIn summary that wows professionals in your industry.

As long as your LinkedIn profile shows up at the top of a Google search for your name,

it’s more important than your website.

– Melanie Dodaro

Hi there! I’m Heather!

I’m the creator of World-Class Career Academy and the Career Advancement Toolkit. Over the past 13 years, I’ve taught thousands of clients and students how to build their personal brand so they can land their dream job and succeed in the marketplace.

With a background in hiring, teaching and career development, I’m here to help you save time and eliminate the frustration of your job search. I’m obsessed with all things career related! Including job search strategies, resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization and interview tactics.

My #1 goal is to help you find a career that brings you true happiness and fulfillment. On my downtime, I enjoy movie nights with my kids and group fitness classes at my local gym.