The 5-Step System To Build An ALL-STAR LinkedIn Profile That Increases Your Salary!

With Professor Heather Austin

Tuesday, October 11th at 12pm Eastern!

During this training, you’ll learn…

How to create a marketable LinkedIn profile (even if you’re making a career transition).

How to build meaningful relationships and network on LinkedIn without seeming too forward.

How to write a standout summary that captures your strengths & achievements and tells your career story.

How to post engaging content that puts you at the forefront of your industry.

How to get recruiters and hiring managers to come to you (and finally stop getting ghosted).


Wondering if this really works?


Meet your teacher!

Hi! I’m Heather Austin. The creator of  World-Class Career Academy™ and the Career Advancement Toolkit™. Over the past 13 years, I’ve taught thousands of clients and students how to build their personal brand so they can land their dream job and succeed in the marketplace.

I’m most passionate about seeing you excited to get out of bed in the morning. Knowing that you’re making a greater impact in your industry. What’s unique about what I do is the process I use to help my clients build confidence to achieve their career goals.

I’m obsessed with all things career related! Including job search strategies, resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization and interview tactics. My #1 goal is to help you find a career that brings you true happiness and fulfillment. On my downtime, I enjoy movie nights with my kids and group fitness classes at my local gym.

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