So you have a job interview coming up, and you want to do your very best so that you can finally get the job offer. Today, you’ll learn how to answer one of the most popular interview questions: What are your greatest strengths?

You’ll also get a rundown of why interviewers ask this question and how you can make sure your answer stands out from the others.

And stick around until the end to get some sample responses that you can use right now.

Before you prepare to answer this job interview question about your strengths, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First: Be Prepared

The answer to this question might seem fairly easy, but it’s actually a little more complex than you think. Interviewers ask this question because they want to see if your strengths and accomplishments align with the the position. Prepare as much as you can ahead of time.

Second: Revise as Needed

Revise the answers I’m about to share with you to fit you and the position you are applying for. The responses you’ll learn today are a great starting point; however, you’ll want to tailor them slightly to fit your own needs.

Let’s jump in!

Step #1 – Do Your Research

I know that I say this in every job interview tutorial I do, but it is so important to do your research! Find out everything you can about the company and the position you are applying for.

Research the company’s website; review their LinkedIn page; evaluate their activity on social media. Read the most recent articles the company has published, and read articles that have been published about the company.

Doing this will help you find out what problems the company is facing so that you can better tailor your interview responses.

Now, this question is normally asked in combination with another, similar interview question, so check out this video I made to help you answer, “What are your greatest weaknesses?”

Step #2 – Make a List

Carefully review the job posting and make a list of the qualifications, skills, and experience required.

For example, you might find that the company is looking for someone with analytical skills, such as data analysis or critical thinking, or you might find that they are looking for someone with experience in leadership, with skills such as relationship building or the ability to give constructive feedback.

With your list of qualifications made, you are now ready to move on to step 3.

Step #3 – Pinpoint Your Strengths

This is where you’ll evaluate your career accomplishments as they relate to the position you are applying for.

Next to each item on the list you made in step 1, write down a sentence or two about how you match up with the qualification, skill, or experience required.

Your sentences should detail specific ways you’ve excelled at these items through work, education, or even volunteer experience. Make sure your sentences include some type of quantifiable result.

Step #4 – Narrow it Down

You won’t have time to discuss all of your strengths during an interview, so pick 2 or 3 that are most relevant to the position and develop a career story around those strengths.

The better you can show how your strengths relate to the position, the better your chances are of getting a job offer.

And if you’re interested, watch this video I made all about the best questions you can ask an interviewer during your next interview.

Sample Answers

As a bonus, and for sticking around, here are some sample answers to the question, “What are your greatest strengths?”

Sample Answer 1

“My greatest strength is my ability to lead and direct a team. As a marketing manager at Company XYZ, I worked close with my team members to develop an infrastructure that increased productivity by 20% in a just a few months. The systems we put in place were later implemented by other teams because of results that were achieved.”

Sample Answer 2

“I really enjoy writing new and innovative content. In my previous position, I had the opportunity to compose content for our company’s website, employee training manuals, and press releases. I was recognized by senior management for being able to quickly publish easy-to-follow content that produced results.”

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