There seems to be a lot of confusion and conflicting ideas around the topic of resume summaries. Like, what’s the purpose of summary, how long should it be, or do I even need one? Contrary to what you may have heard on the Internet, a resume summary is still most definitely needed on your resume today.

Now don’t get this confused with an objective statement. An objective statement is something we used on resumes years ago where you’d tell an employer what you want out of the position. This is definitely not the same as a professional summary (or sometimes referred to as a career profile.)

A well-written summary tells the employer who you are and how you can help them. So no to the objective statement, but yes to the professional summary. In this video, I’m breaking down the myths, the mistakes and the misconceptions of a professional resume summary.

0:53 Why you need a resume summary to get hired

2:13 Step 1 – Start with a headline

2:36 Step 2 – Include key skills

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4:48 Step 3 – Add an engaging paragraph

6:05 Step 4 – Add career highlights

6:54 Step 5 – Include your core competencies


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