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You’re struggling to find a career that is meaningful and brings you a greater sense of purpose.

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You want to learn how to network and connect with others in your field without sounding desperate or cheesy.
You want interview tips that will give you more confidence in your interviews so you can land better job offers.

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Hone in on your greatest strengths and abilities using self-discovery and self-assessment techniques.

Compose a rock-solid resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile that gets you the attention you deserve.

Develop job search techniques to help you get out of your career rut and find work you love.

Nail your next job interview with confidence and control.

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I know first-hand the overwhelm and frustration of the job search. For the past 13 years, I’ve taught thousands of students how to build their personal brand so they can land their dream job and succeed in the marketplace.

As an Academic Dean, I had the privilege of hiring hundreds of faculty members. Under my direction, my team surpassed student retention and program growth goals.

Since then, I’ve started my own business where I work one-on-one with my client’s helping them find a career that brings true happiness and fulfillment.

I am most active on my YouTube channel where I publish videos every week about career guidance and new business development.

On my downtime, I enjoy movie nights with my kids and group fitness classes at my local gym.

The Secret to happiness is freedom,

and the secret to freedom is courage.

– Thucydides