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Scott increased his base pay by 30% with a 15% annual bonus!

“Prior to purchasing your World-Class Career Academy back in September, I had applied for at least 40 different positions. I had a couple of interviews but in reality I was getting very little response from my efforts.”

“I then purchased your program and updated everything. On the first day I applied for 3 positions, got interviews with 2 of them, and ultimately landed a position with the 3rd company.

My new position is with a tech startup company in San Francisco (it’s a remote position) and I was able to get a 30% increase in base pay as well as a 15% annual bonus.

I’m very excited about my new position and growth opportunity with the company.”

Scott W. (Senior Marketing Manager)

Miranda interviewed every week after changing her CV and “got the job.”

I wanted to let you know that today I got the job. After joining the program I found it so invaluable. By changing my CV in September I have interviewed every week.

I changed my cover letter, viewed the interview section of the program on a weekly basis. The questions to ask a company became part of my bible and interview prep to help me be succinct in my answers. I’m going to be Head of Audience and Business Line Marketing.”

“Heather, please keep doing what you are doing.”

~ Miranda G. (Head of Audience and Business Line Marketing)

David landed a new position with a biotech company fighting to end the Covid pandemic!

Your advice, help and wisdom have paid off. This past week I landed a wonderful new position. Covid may have taken my last job, but it also provided me a new one. I am now working for a biotech company that is fighting to end the Covid pandemic!”

“I can’t thank you enough for all you have done to get me on the right track that has led me to this position. I now making more than I thought was possible all while doing something that helps others (which is something I am told I excel at). From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! I wouldn’t be where I am now without your assistance.”

~ David M. (Senior Quality Assurance Specialist)

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If you’ve spent hours doing online research, learning how to write the perfect resume in hopes that it will get you a job interview. But…you’re still waiting for call backs and the ultimate job offer…

Lisa applied to her dream job on Monday and had a job offer by Friday!

“There’s no time to waste, especially if you’ve just lost your job. World-Class Career Academy is a step-by-step program that will give you direction if you’re lost. Heather made me feel like I was her only student. She was always just an email away. I finally found the key to landing my dream job.”

Lisa R. ~ Registered Nurse

Alex used the power of networking to land more interviews!

“My biggest challenge before joining World-Class Career Academy was not having an organized structure to follow for my job search. As an Accountant, this was very important to me. The Academy and The Career Advancement Toolkit provided a great step-by-step system. The modules and supporting materials were very easy-to-follow and helpful!”

Alex K. ~ Senior Financial Analyst

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll today


10 Modules with over 40 step-by-step video lessons (value $997). Stop wasting time on outdated job search methods. Learn relevant strategies to apply for positions that align perfectly with your career goals.


BONUS – Personalized weekly group coaching with Heather and her team (value $2,000).  Get expert advice on your most important career questions.


BONUS  COURSE – LinkedIn Profile Perfection (value $297). Learn how to build a marketable LinkedIn profile and navigate the platform like a pro. Grow your network and leverage your connections to find high-quality career opportunities.

BONUS COURSE – How to Land a Job at Amazon (value $197). Guest expert Holly Lee, Former Global Recruiter and Trainer at Amazon, Google, and Facebook, shares insider secrets to land a top job at Amazon.
BONUS COURSE – How to Land a Job at Google (value $197). Guest expert Jeff Sipe, Former Google Technical Recruiter, and interview and negotiation coach, shares tips and techniques to land a high-paying position at Google.
BONUS – The Career Advancement Toolkit (value $197)
One-of-a-kind templates, guides, instructions, examples and checklists to help keep you on track and land your dream job in record time!

In-depth worksheets, checklists and guides (value $197 value). Stay on track and motivated with actionable, printable resources for every step of the process.


Members-only course community (priceless $$$$). Support and accountability to help you achieve your career goals! Network and connect with others, just like you.


Lifetime access to the course material (priceless $$$$). The ability to complete the course anywhere, anytime. 

When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of over $3,600!

World-Class Career Academy


Finally a simple online program where you’ll learn exactly how to jumpstart your job search, build a winning resume, create a compelling cover letter & level-up your LinkedIn profile.


Enroll now in World-Class Career Academy™ and get these amazing bonuses!!!

Career Advancement Toolkit

Career Advancement Toolkit™!

(Value $197)

One of a kind templates, guides, instructions, examples and checklists to help keep you on track and land your dream job in record time!

LinkedIn Profile Perfection

LinkedIn Profile Perfection™!

(Value $297)

An in-depth LinkedIn course designed to help you build a marketable LinkedIn profile and navigate the platform like a pro.


We love celebrating our students!

Screenshots of Success

Kenya didn’t let her Covid termination hold her back! After applying what she learned in World-Class Career Academy™, she “graciously accepted the offer!

Sue switched careers and landed a client service position in an industry she loves!

Troy’s resume hit every need the employer had and stood out among 50-60 resumes!

Jurisam negotiated an operations manager position making $20k more than prior position!


Your World-Class Career Starts Here!

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 World-Class Career Academy™ Works!

These academy student stories can be yours as well.


Terry landed a “fabulous job offer” after being 10 years out of the job search market!

Your guidance helped me polish up my LinkedIn, rev up my resume and helped me ace the interview to get a fabulous job offer for a position that I believe I will really enjoy. And, I am a 57 year old fossil who is 10 years out of the job search market. I couldn’t have done it without you!” 

Terry B. (Power Engineer)

Daniela landed 6 interview requests and 2 job offers!

“On Saturday I applied to 5 different positions. By Monday lunchtime, I had 6 interview requests. Two I turned down, 4 I interviewed with and 2 made me job offers. I used all of your tips right up to negotiating pay. I am forever grateful and absolutely love my new job. I was given a lot of compliments on my interview follow-ups. I was told that I interview very well. That is all thanks to your awesome course. I invested the $ in myself and it paid off big time. Thank you for everything. My message to everyone is, don’t ever give up and whatever you do, invest the $ in yourself and take this course.”

~Daniela M. (Sales Manager)

Laura landed an interview in 23 minutes!

“After putting into practice the things I learned from Heather and her program, I crafted a great cover letter and resume that got attention.”

I applied for a job at 1:39 pm and got a call back for an interview at 2:02 pm (23 minutes later!) Not only that, I submitted my resume to my local employment office for review and the employment specialist told me my resume was the first she’d ever seen that didn’t need corrections. She also gave me kudos on my cover letter.”

Laura K. (Senior Business Analyst)

Lakiah increased her confidence and developed a positive mindset!

My biggest challenge was thinking I did not have the skill or ability to find a job that I would truly enjoy. Because of Heather’s positive attitude and reassuring nature about my future, I increased my confidence and developed a positive mindset in the areas of career and business. I have definitely improved my self-esteem in the area of job hunting.”

Lakiah W. (Business Operations)

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More Screenshots of student success



Even more success stories!

I got the job!!


Join World-Class Career Academy™ NOW and SAVE $200

enroll now for $697.00 $497!

**This offer expires when the countdown timer reaches zero**


Karla landed her dream job at Stanford!

Thank you for your help during the Fall term of World-Class Career Academy and your free content over at YouTube. The combination of the two helped me to get a research job at Stanford. I’m back doing what I love!

Karla B.

Penelope landed a new job as the head of business development!

“My biggest challenge was finding a new job. I didn’t have clarity on the job search process and I didn’t believe I could land a job I’d really enjoy.”

“As a result of World-Class Career Academy, I gained a clearer sense of my professional direction. I created a new CV that was exponentially better than the previous one and landed a new job as the head of business development.

My favorite part of the program was seeing my new CV come together and being encouraged by Heather.  I already intend to purchase the course for a member of my family.”

~ Penelope H. (Business Development and Marketing)

Pam's Image

Pam applied for 11 jobs, heard back from 8 and landed 3 job offers!

“Heather’s resources were by far the best. I prepped. I prepped some more. I kept a chart of the positions that I applied for. I applied for 11. I heard back from 8. I was offered three. Yeah!!! Thank you for giving me the confidence to pursue a different job opportunity! You will never know how much it means”

~Pam Z.


Here are a few of the perks of being a student of
World-Class Career Academy:

Video Modules

I take you by the hand and walk you through comprehensive, clear step-by-step career training videos!

Tools & Templates

Dozens of “done-for-you” templates to streamline the entire job search process  (just fill in your content, it’s 80% done for you!)

LinkedIn Strategy

My special proven formula for writing the perfect LinkedIn headline + summary and growing your professional network!

Workbook & Checklists

Get in-depth worksheets, checklists and guides to keep you on track. From organizing your job search to writing achievement statements for your resume!

Private Student Community

Network and connect with others in a members-only Facebook community. Get support and accountability to help you achieve your career goals!

12-Month Course Access

Get access to the course materials for as long as the course exists, including any course updates that are done over time!


You deserve a job that’s fulfilling — where you’re valued for your hard work and accomplishments – NOT drained and frustrated by the end of the day!

What’s Inside World-Class Career Academy?

This self-paced program contains easy-to-follow lessons, templates, guides and assignments.

Job Search Training Course


Stop wasting time applying for the wrong jobs. Learn exact strategies to pinpoint positions that align perfectly with your career objectives and goals.

Uncover social media and personal networking strategies to help you make the right connections to your dream job, including the hidden job market.

Develop your own personal brand strategy and learn an easy-to-follow formula to craft results-driven accomplishment statements.


  • Discovering the hidden job market
  • Cultivating connections to your dream job
  • Developing your personal brand strategy
  • Creating results-driven achievements

Resume Writing Course

Resume Reinvented

Build a resume that shows your real value and properly sells your skills, talents and expertise. Stand above your competition with a 21st-century resume.

Discover the secret ingredients your resume must have to get a hiring manager or recruiter to take action. Quickly grab their attention and keep them engaged.

Explore special case scenarios of resume writing such as how to write a resume with little or no work experience and how to write a resume with employment gaps.


  • Creating interest with the top half of your resume
  • Using other key sections of your resume to engage
  • Properly formatting and designing your resume to keep attention
  • Getting past applicant tracking systems (ATS)

NEW! Job Interview Course

Interview Intelligence

Conquer your next job interview with confidence and clarity. Discover the exact training and skills you need to properly sell yourself and land your ultimate job offer.

Learn how to answer the most common interview questions with interesting and engaging career stories that are clear and concise.

Learn what it takes to make a good first impression in an interview and how to negotiate the salary you deserve.


  • Preparing questions to ask your interviewer
  • Managing nerves in an interview
  • Following up after an interview
  • Acing your phone, video and panel interviews

BONUS: Cover Letter Workshop

Compelling Cover Letter

A good resume doesn’t go far without a compelling cover letter. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use your cover letter as a mini sales presentation.


  • Starting your cover letter
  • Telling your career story
  • Showing how you are the solution

Pay-in-full BONUS: LinkedIn Course

Level-Up with LinkedIn

Build a marketable LinkedIn profile and navigate the platform like a pro. Learn how to grow your network and leverage your contacts to find high-quality career opportunities.


  • The 7 most important parts to a powerful LinkedIn profile
  • Finding and applying for new positions using LinkedIn
  • Managing your account settings and keeping your data secure
  • Building relationships and creating content on LinkedIn

Pay-in-full BONUS: The Career Advancement Toolkit

(Enhanced & Updated for 2021)

The Career Advancement Toolkit

One of a kind complete package of templates, guides, instructions, examples and checklists to help keep you on track and land your dream job in record time!


  • Dozens of “done-for-you” Templates
  • BONUS Video Lessons
  • My Perfect Cover Letter How to Guide
  • My LinkedIn Profile Essentials Starter Pack
  • My Ultimate Guide to Surviving your Job Search

Huge BONUS: Group Coaching

Private Group Coaching

Expert advice on your most important career questions in our personalized group coaching calls every week for 6 weeks (then monthly calls on the first Wednesday of every month.) Including one-on-one career coaching and interview hot seat sessions.

Additional BONUS: Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the course materials

The ability to complete the course anywhere, anytime. (Includes access to course updates over time and access to group coaching calls and replays.)

100 % Money-Back Guarantee

I know you’ll love World-Class Career Academy™. That’s why I’m guaranteeing it!

You have 7 days to try World-Class Career Academy™ and put it to good use. If you’re not happy with it, I’ll refund your investment. However, you must submit your request within the 7 day deadline to be eligible for a refund.  I do ask that you really commit to the job search process and give the course the attention, energy and time required to see results. Follow-through is an important aspect of this.

To qualify for a refund you must show proof that the course did not meet your career goals. You need to provide a clear path of what you’ve done to advance your job search and show proof of the not-so desired results.

I reserve the right to deny any refund request and ask that you do not purchase World-Class Career Academy™ with the intention of asking for a refund. I’m not worried though. I know if you put your all into this, you’ll achieve the result you set out for!

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Meet your instructor!

Hi! I’m Heather Austin. The creator of  World-Class Career Academy™ and the Career Advancement Toolkit™. Over the past 13 years, I’ve taught thousands of clients and students how to build their personal brand so they can land their dream job and succeed in the marketplace.

I’m most passionate about seeing you excited to get out of bed in the morning. Knowing that you’re making a greater impact in your industry. What’s unique about what I do is the process I use to help my clients build confidence to achieve their career goals.

I’m obsessed with all things career related! Including job search strategies, resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization and interview tactics. My #1 goal is to help you find a career that brings you true happiness and fulfillment. On my downtime, I enjoy movie nights with my kids and group fitness classes at my local gym.