LinkedIn is now the world’s #1 LARGEST professional network. It’s one of the only places where you can find high-quality career opportunities, build a network of like-minded professionals, and command authority in your industry.

So if you are wondering how to use LinkedIn properly so you can get noticed and gain exposure or if it’s been years since you created your LinkedIn account and now you’re wondering how to make the most out of the platform, tune in!

In this video, you’ll learn 10 EASY LinkedIn profile tips. This LinkedIn tutorial for beginners is UPDATED specifically for 2021. With how often the LinkedIn platform changes, this new tutorial will help you navigate some of LinkedIn’s newest features.

Want to jump straight to the tips? Use the timestamps below:

• LinkedIn Tip 1: Pay special attention to anything above the fold (1:55)

Profile Picture (2:38)

Headline (5:57)

Background Photo: (7:27)

About Section: (8:54)

• LinkedIn Tip 2: Use the featured section wisely (10:58)

• LinkedIn Tip 3: Optimize the experience section (12:45)

• LinkedIn Tip 4: Fill out your education and licenses section (15:16)

• LinkedIn Tip 5: Add a volunteer experience section (17:58)

• LinkedIn Tip 6: Use skills and endorsements to your benefit (19:21)

• LinkedIn Tip 7: Give recommendations to get recommendations (21:46)

• LinkedIn Tip 8: Add any other relevant accomplishments (24:08)

• LinkedIn Tip 9: Edit your public profile and URL (25:00)

• LinkedIn Tip 10: Use the open to work section strategically (26:03)


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