The Perfect Resignation Letter

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How you choose to leave your job can make a huge impact on your career growth. Use this resignation letter template to quit your job with class.

Here’s what others are saying about the Perfect Resignation Letter

Lindani B.

Hi Heather, thanks for the interview tips you share on your YouTube channel. I used them in preparation for my job interview a few weeks back and it went well. I’m starting my new job on Monday. Thanks!


“Dear Heather, thank you so much for sharing the template! It is really appreciated. You Are Awesome!!!”

Randy Green

“I just got a job paying 2 times what I currently make using the 6-second resume template and the tips you shared in one of your YouTube videos. I used the same colors in the template for the headings and different fonts. Now I am using one of your other videos to write my resignation from my current company ???? Thanks for everything.  You helped me achieve something I have been trying to do forever.”

The Perfect Resignation Letter

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