Phone interviews are one of the first go-to interview types for almost every position. It’s a quick and efficient way for a company to screen for its ideal candidate. Phone interviews allow employers to test the waters and get to know more about you and your personality before they commit to a job offer.

So it is a must that you knock it out of the park during your phone interview if you want to make it on to the next round of interviews. It’s no doubt a lot has changed in the job market over the past year.

Even before 2020, phone interviews were on the rise and if you’re a job seeker, it’s almost guaranteed that a phone interview will be part of your interview process.

In this video, I’ll show you what to expect in your next phone interview and 6 practical tips to help you perform your very best. Watch this video to learn:

• How to prepare for your next phone interview successfully • 6 top tips to help you ace your next phone interview • How to pass a phone screening interview

 00:00 – Intro

01:06 – Why you have to perform well during a phone interview

01:35 – What to expect during a phone interview

02:45 – Tip 1: Get familiar with the company

04:41 – Tip 2: Bring Your Own Questions to the interview

06:03 – Tip 3: Choose the Right Setting

07:07 – Tip 4: Use Cheat Sheets

08:25 – Tip 5: Inject Extra Energy

08:57 – Tip 6: Practice, practice, practice!


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